Myschool Essay

Myschool Essay

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Preface –

Man learns something or the other in his life. No man is knowledgeable by birth, but only after coming on this earth, he acquires knowledge on any subject. The biggest contribution in making human life civilized is the school. School means a place where knowledge resides. I also go to century school to get education. Children of all castes, religions and classes come to my school to study. There are both government and non-government schools. Our school is like a temple where we come every day to study so that we can get a bright future in our life. Everyone is given equal status in our school. We love going to school every day because school is a place where we get to learn something new everyday. The future of any child is determined by the right education and the right education starts from the school itself.

MySchool Essay –

My school is of three storeys. Our school is like a temple for us. Our school is located half a kilometer away from UCO Bank. Our school is built in a safe place away from pollution, noise, dirt and smoke so that children can study diligently in a peaceful environment. There are many trees in our school under whose shade children sit together during lunch and eat tiffin. These trees are planted in a row. Swings have also been arranged for small children to play. A library was also built for the reading of all the students in our school, in which the students can study comfortably. There is a huge club house in our school where events are held. There is also a big ground in our school where every day we are taken to play.

essay about my school

Our school is in the morning hours. Prayer is the first thing in school. After the prayer, we greet our class teacher with Subh Namaskar. Very strict discipline is followed in our school. Yellow colored buses have been made available to take children from homes to schools. To keep all the children in discipline, uniform uniform has been given which is mandatory to wear.

All the facilities we need are provided in our school. Facilities of computer lab, two science labs, a library, playground, beautiful club for events etc. are available for the students. Our school has students from nursery to class 10th.

There are 35 teachers, 15 assistants and one principal in our school including men and women. There are 20 teachers in my school who have completed their post graduation. All the teachers in our school have only one goal to help the children to achieve a bright future. In our school, all the subjects are discussed very seriously and the right and wrong of the students are put first. In our school, children are taught on many subjects. Every student in our school can ask questions to his class teacher when he has any doubts and teachers also answer his questions very politely and lovingly so that the student can understand easily.

Principal room in school

In our school there is a separate room for the principal. The Principal, sitting in his room, can clearly see the activities going on in the whole school. The class time table and teacher time table are also hanging on the wall in this room. In this room, pictures of great men and inspirational quotes are also adorned on the wall.

In this room, all the teachers together discuss about the future and new activities of the children. All teachers must consult with the principal before taking any decision. If a child harass another child, the principal first comes to know and that child is properly explained so that he does not repeat this mistake again. All activities are done under the supervision of the Principal.

my school library

There is a very huge library in our school. It has books on various subjects from nursery to class X. Hindi daily newspapers and several important monthly, half-yearly and annual magazines are also housed in this library. The librarian is a very hard working and nice person. We get every book we need from the library which can also be taken home. The library allows the book to be taken home only for a certain period of time.

my school teacher

The teachers of our school are very hard working scholars and teachers who take care of the interest of the students. The teachers of our school teach according to the syllabus with great diligence and dedication and also make practice of written assignments. All teachers look at our written work very carefully and point out our inaccuracies. This helps us to learn pure language and use it correctly. Our school teachers are very kind who teach us to follow discipline. Our teachers always encourage us to participate in other activities like sports activities, question answer competition, oral-written test, debate, group discussion, etc. Our school teachers inspire us to maintain discipline in the school and keep the school premises neat and clean. Really the teachers of our school are very good.

sports in my school

There is a big field in our school. Great importance is given to activities like sports and games in our school. It is mandatory for all the students to participate in sports, due to which the students of the school take great interest in sports. The players of our school have also received awards in many sports. Many sports competitions are also organized in our school so that he can increase his physical and mental development. Just as education is very important for the future of man, in the same way sports are also very important for human beings. Man learns a lot from sports and contributes to make the name of his school bright.

Our duty towards school

A school is a temple of learning where man acquires knowledge. Just as a temple and a place of worship are holy places for devotees, in the same way, for a student, his school is a holy place. The Lord of this holy temple is our teacher who helps us to dispel the darkness of ignorance and spread the light of knowledge in our mind. That is why we should respect our teachers and edit our teaching work according to what they say. We should follow the rules of our school with reverence. It is our duty that as long as we are in school, we should get proper knowledge and give respect to our teachers. Even after school life is over, we should not forget our teacher and school. When we get a chance or when we are free from our work, we should go to our school to visit our teacher, which I will definitely go to in future.

Epilogue –

Schools are a public property. This is our national fund, so student should always be aware to protect it. School is not just a medium of bookish knowledge, but every opportunity of acquiring knowledge is available there. The school gives opportunities to the children to participate in sports, cultural programs, due to which the mental and physical development of the children takes place. Teachers are there to guide the same subjects, so the student should take full advantage of his schools. School gives us the light of all kinds of knowledge. That is why our school plays a motivating role in every way. That’s why I love my school so much.

2. Myschool essay

In this post we have written Essay on MySchool. School students who are in search of essay on myschool can take the help of beautiful essay on this school.

Essay on MySchool – Class 3, 4, 5, 7 is mostly asked in this Essay on MySchool.

Essay on MySchool (1000 Words)

School is a place where people learn and study a lot. It is called the temple of knowledge. We all spend most of our life in our school or school, in which we take education in many subjects .

Our teachers in school show us the right path to success by providing their knowledge . Today in this article I have presented an essay on my school for children and students.

Name and Form of My School Name and Structure of My School

The name of my school is Arvind Public School. My school is very big and grand, it is located in bhubaneswar. It is three storeyed and its building is very beautiful. It is located in the city center near my house.

Due to the short distance to the school, I go to school by walking. My school is the best and biggest in the whole state. The place around my school is very peaceful and free from pollution .

Facilities in My School

At the bottom is the auditorium in the school where all the annual functions and meetings are held. The school has stairs at both ends, which take us to each of the floors.

There is a large library on the first floor , which is well furnished with books on many subjects. There are also musical instrument classes, besides a science laboratory.

It has classes for the students of class 12th in science and commerce and the same classes have been made for the children of nursery and there is a computer lab on the second floor, and here for the students of class five to ten. Excellent arrangements have been made for

The school also has good arrangement of drinking water and toilets. Teachers keep complete information about the marks of all the students and things related to other students. In the school, servants were employed for different tasks, who do their work according to the rules.

Out of which one also stays there to look after the school during the night. A small house has been built for him on the side of the school.

There is a big playground for all of us children to play, where there are many swings and there is a big garden in which many flowers are in bloom, many mango and guava trees are planted. All classes are very airy and open.

There are also drawing rooms, music rooms, science laboratories and audio video rooms. There are five thousand students in our school. In which 2000 are girls and 3000 are boys. Most of the students of our school participate in most of the school inter-school competitions and bring high ranks and support all the activities.

Principal and Teachers of My School

Our Principal Mrs. Kalpana ji is a very kind lady. In our school, there are 90 teachers , who give us knowledge. And loves us too. Various activities and functions are organized throughout the year. I am very proud of my school.

I love and respect my school . My school has branches in many different cities. My school has been painted yellow. This yellow color attracts the eyes, due to which my school looks most unique from a distance.

The principal office, head office, clerk room, staff room and common study room are at the bottom. The school canteen, stationery shop, chess room, and skating hall are also located on the ground floor. There are two big cement basketball courts in my school opposite the school principal’s office while the football field is on the other side of it. My school also has a small green garden, in front of the main office, full of colorful flowers and ornamental plants which adds to the beauty of the entire school campus.

Education and Celebrations in My School

The study criteria of my school are very creative which help us to understand any difficult subject easily. Our teachers teach us everything very honestly and also give us practical knowledge.

In my school all important days of the year like Sports Day , Teacher’s Day , Mother-father’s Day , Children’s Day , Anniversary Day, Founder’s Day, Republic Day , Independence Day , Christmas Day , Mother’s Day, Annual Celebrations, New Year , Gandhi Jayanti, Adi is celebrated in a grand manner.

My school provides bus facility to the students who live far away from the school. All the students gather in the playground in the morning and offer morning prayer and then all go to their classes.

My school provides admission in nursery class to about 2000 students every year. In my school there are different teachers for different subjects like Maths, English, Hindi, Marathi, GK, History, Geography, Science, Painting, Sports and Craft etc.

Curriculum activities in MySchool Essay

There are many co-curricular activities in our school like Swimming, Scouting, NCC, School Band, Skating, Singing, Dancing etc. Students with inappropriate behavior and disciplined activities are also punished by the class teacher as per the school norms.

Our Principal takes classes of each student daily in the meeting hall for 10 minutes to build our character, etiquette, moral education, to acquire good values ​​and respect others. In this way my principal is also a good teacher.

School Time My School Time

The school hours are from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm in summer and 9:30 to 4:30 in winter. There is a separate exit for all the young children and the older children when they leave the school so that the younger children do not face any problem in getting out.

10 Lines on My School

  1. My school is very beautiful.
  2. My school is a temple of knowledge.
  3. My school has facilities for all kinds of education and curricular activities.
  4. In my school, children from class 1 to 12 are given education.
  5. There is a huge playground in my school in which children can play football and cricket easily.
  6. Education in my school is very good principal and teachers.
  7. All kinds of sports training is given in my school.
  8. Various competitions are organized in the school from time to time.
  9. My school is very clean because cleanliness is given a lot of attention here under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  10. Every year all the students and teachers of my school go for a picnic .


The teachers of our school are very experienced and qualified. Our school is progressing continuously under the leadership of teachers and our principal. Hope you have liked Essay on My School.


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