My Mother Essay

My Mother Essay

Essay on My Mother: As soon as the thought of mother comes, the heart starts diving in the ocean of love. After all, how many years we spent in his tender loving arms, he kept us in his womb for 9 months, kept us in his loving lap for 2 years and kept us in his heart for the rest of our life.

During his life we ​​never felt any worldly suffering and he never let us go through any terrible pain. What a poet has also said a lot, “There would not have been any pain, sorrow and pain in your life if your fate had been written by your mother.”

By the way, the importance of the father in our life also does not diminish. Because that is what makes us capable of fighting this world. But as much as a mother’s love is needed in life, perhaps no other person has as much. Those who have lost their mother can understand my words better.

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Essay on my mother | Short and Long Essay on My Mother

Short Essay on Mother (50 Words)

The most important woman in my life is my dear mother. She is very hardworking and loving in nature. My mother takes good care of every member of the family. She gets up early in the morning and prepares food for us.

My day often starts with my mother, she wakes up early in the morning and wakes me up early. After that she prepares me for school and cooks very tasty food.

Apart from this, she also helps me in doing my homework and she is also my best teacher. I love my mother very much and hope my mother lives very long.

Essay on Mother (100 Words) 

The most influential person in my life is my mother. That’s why I have a lot of admiration and respect for him. She is the first and best teacher of my life. She loves me very much and sacrifices her happiness because of me. My mother is very dedicated towards her work and her hardworking nature always fascinates me a lot.

My mother gets up first in the house and always starts her work before we get out of bed. My mother is the manager of my house. She takes great care of everything and need of our house. She cooks delicious food for our house, does shopping and also prays to God for us.

Along with this, she also takes care of our every small and big needs very well. My mother also teaches me and my brother/sister and also helps in completing the homework. Because of all these contributions, my mother is the backbone of our home.

My Mother Essay (150) 

Mother is the most appropriate word I have learned so far. My mother is the most influential person in my life for me. My mother is not only a hardworking person but also completely dedicated towards her work. She gets up in the morning before the sun rises and starts doing her daily activities. My mother is a very beautiful and kind hearted lady who takes care of everything in our house.

I respect my mother a lot because she not only helped me to learn bookish knowledge. Rather, learning from my experiences helped me to become a good person by teaching me the inside of right and wrong. She cooks for us, takes care of everyone and does the shopping for the house. That’s why she is busy most of the time.

When she gets free time, she plays with me, helps me with my homework and helps with other important tasks. My mother also helps me to learn many things, so I love my mother very much and pray to God that she should age.

Best Essay on Mother (200 Words)

Mother is a word that cannot be expressed in words, my mother is the closest to my heart. He has helped in shaping my life in a right way. My mother is a very kind hearted beautiful lady who supported me at every turn of my life.

Her hectic routine starts the very first time the sun rises, she not only prepares food for us. But it also helps me in all my work. When I face any problem in studies, my mother helps me solve my problems by becoming a teacher and playing with me as my friend when I am bored.

She plays the second role in our house and when someone in our family falls ill, she stays up all night to take care of him. She can even sacrifice her happiness for our family. By the way, my mother is a very hard working woman by nature. She does all the necessary household chores from morning till evening. 

He has guided me in every walk of life. At tender age, it was very difficult for me to decide what is right and what is wrong but my mother was always there to show me the right path in my life.

My Mother Essay (250 Words)

My mother is everything to me. Because of that I am able to see this beautiful world. His love and kindness has helped me grow and become a better person.

According to me mother is the most trusted person in the world with whom you can share everything in your heart. My mother is also my best friend. I can share all my beautiful moments with him. I found my mother closest to me in all my bad times. He also gave me a lot of support in those bad times. That’s why I have a lot of admiration for my mother in my heart.

My mother is very hardworking and completely dedicated towards her work. I have learned from him that efforts never go in vain and success comes only through hard work. She keeps working all day with a slight smile on her face.

She not only cooks good and tasty food but also takes good care of every member of the house. She also makes very good decisions for our family. Sometimes the father also comes to the mother for advice. Because he is very adept at making decisions.

There are total four members in our family, my father, my mother, me and my younger sister, all of us are looked after by our mother. He also told me about the ethics of life. Whenever I get stuck in some problem while doing home study, mother as a teacher helps me in solving my problems. That’s why she is busy all the time.

My mother is a kind hearted lady whose love umbrella has always been on my head and I also know that in this world I cannot find mother like love anywhere else. Every child loves his mother, but the real importance of a mother is known only to those who do not have a mother in their life.

I want to see my mother smiling all the time in my life.

Long Essay on My Mother Essay (300 Words)

Mother is the first word that comes out of a child’s mouth. Mother is the best and most precious gift given by God to me. It is very difficult for me to put into words the love and kindness of my mother.

For every child, his mother is the most loving and caring person. I don’t think anyone can experience mother’s love anywhere else. My mother has all the abilities and qualities that a good mother should have.

There are total 6 members in my family in which my grandparents, my parents and me and my younger sister are there but only because of my mother our home is one more happy. She wakes up early in the morning, after getting up she gets ready and gets busy with her daily work. She takes utmost care of us and cooks variety of delicious food items. 

She knows very well the likes and dislikes of every member of the house and she also knows when and how many times my grandfather has taken which medicine. My grandfather calls my mother the manager of the house. Because she manages everything in the house.

I grew up with my mother’s moral teachings. He has guided me at every stage of my life. She understands my feelings very well. He has supported and inspired me every time in bad situations.

My mother teaches me to be a disciplined, punctual and dependable person. She is like a tree that keeps our family under the shade of her love. Well she does a lot of work but still she remains very calm.

She never loses her patience in any bad situation. There is a special kind of love between my mother and I and she has always supported me. I always pray to God that my mother is always healthy and happy.

My Mother Essay in 600 words

Mother, there is so much sweetness in this word. By uttering this word, every pain of a person subsides. Mother is greater than God, that is why when a person is in pain, the first word that comes out of his mouth. The hand which is thrown on us by the mother’s affection and love reduces our every pain.

My mother is my inspiration. Mother is my first teacher, who gave me good values ​​from childhood, inspired me to move forward in life, even after suffering sorrow, she has always given priority to my happiness. She asks about me before herself. It is the mother who keeps on asking about my well being every moment.

There is only one mother in the world who loves selflessly. She always does it for us but never asks us for her value. Mother has always taught me to have good behavior towards others, to be honest towards my work. This is the reason that today I have become a successful person only because of mother.

Motherhood is found not only in humans but also in animals. The mother of every living being is like God. God has created every living being. God cannot be present with every living being at a time, that is why he created a mother and gave a mother to every living being who takes care of her children.

In the shelter of the mother, every sorrow goes away. A woman, daughter, daughter, daughter-in-law plays a relationship in many ways. But at the top of them is the position of mother. The profession of a mother is such in the world, which cannot be compared with anyone. The position of mother is the most respected.

Mother’s profession is the biggest, no salary can be fixed. If the child dedicates himself to the love given by the mother, then that too is less. Mother is an idol of love and sacrifice. If a mother wants, she can face even the biggest problems to protect her child.

As a woman, she may or may not have power, but as a mother, she is omnipotent. The importance of the word mother cannot be understated. Mother’s relationship is the most important of all relationships. Mother is also the nurturer, mother is also the teacher and mother is also the branch. When needed, she teaches us like a teacher and encourages us to follow the right path.

At the same time, like a friend in trouble, stands with us and eases our sorrows. She can forget to eat herself but can never forget to feed her child. No one can pay the price for a mother’s love. Mother’s love is the most valuable thing in the world and its importance can only be understood by those who do not have a mother.

God may be angry with us once but mother can never be angry with us. Life cannot be imagined without a mother. No matter how much a person worships, why should he go to the four pilgrimage places, but unless he respects the mother, then everything is meaningless.

Lord Ganesha, by circumambulating his parents Lord Shiva and Parvati, gave knowledge to mankind that the biggest pilgrimage and virtuous work in the world is to serve the parents. Nothing can be a bigger sin in life than hurting a mother’s heart. This sin cannot be washed away by taking a bath in the holy rivers or by taking a pilgrimage.

Unless the mother forgives the child for the mistake committed by him, even God himself does not forgive him for his mistake. A woman may be jealous of another woman or others, she may be evil towards another but she is never evil towards her child. That is why every child should always respect his mother, never hurt her heart.

Essay on my mother 1200 words

Every word in the world can have a definition but it is very difficult to give the definition of mother. Because not one definition of it, but thousands of definitions also fall short. This is the idol of compassion, which fills the life of a child with every happiness with her love. For him, the life of his child is more important than his own. That is why the mother gives birth to her child after suffering unbearable pain.

It is said that a woman is weak, but no one is more powerful and patient than a woman. As a mother, as much pain as a mother endures, even a rock may burst with the same amount of pain. A mother plays an important role in the development of society and nation. Because if a mother wants, she can spoil her child and if a mother wants, she can also make her child a great person.

This is what every mother wants, her child should become a great person in life, he can be successful in making an influential personality. However, in the life of a child, a teacher has a lot of importance in achieving success. But mother is the first teacher of the child and like a teacher throughout her life, teaching her child the difference between right and wrong, guiding him on every difficult path.

A child can never fail on the guidance of the mother. The existence of every individual and living being is linked to the mother. God has created this universe through the mother. Mother’s Day is celebrated only to honor the mother. But there should not be a special day just to honor the mother but every moment of every day should be dedicated to the mother. Because it is because of mother that this life is there.

Then how can we dedicate any one special day for the mother, the whole life is dedicated to the mother. That is why those who do something special for their mother on Mother’s Day, they should always give respect to their mother. Because mother never gives love or affection to her child on any one particular day rather she gives love and affection to her child throughout life.

There are many relationships in our life and in every relationship some misunderstanding can lead to cracks at some point, every relationship can cheat at the time of need. But even God cannot break the relationship with the mother. Whether the world believes in you or not, mother always believes in you. Because a mother has full faith in her upbringing. She knows that unlike the education and values ​​she has given to her child, her child cannot do anything.

The less I can say for my mother, the less I can say. Even today, when I live in any problem, the first thought of my mother comes. I remember that moment when mother used to see my face and understood that I was in some trouble. Don’t know what kind of art she had, by which she used to know that I was sad and she used to be sad seeing me. She didn’t even eat until I had eaten.

Even today when I go home from work, every member of the house falls asleep. But it is the mother, whose attention remains at the door when her son will come. As soon as she reaches home, she gets up first and asks for food. She is also hungry waiting for me. Remembering that moment, my love for my mother overflows, when I used to fall ill, my mother used to sit next to me all night and turn my head.

He couldn’t even sleep until I was cured. Even today, the mother prays only for my happiness in front of God. Mother used to ask often that when I start earning then I will bring saree for mother or not. I had decided on the same day that when the first earning comes in my hand, I will put the entire earning in the hands of my mother.

Even today, I do not find so much peace and peace in any place as I get by lying on my mother’s lap. Don’t know what kind of magic is in his hands, by which all my tiredness goes away as soon as I spread his hands. I still remember the day when all the children of the school were going on a picnic but due to the high picnic fees, I was hesitant to speak to my father, yet I gathered courage and told my father to go for a picnic.

But he refused saying that he has no money yet. But mother saw the sadness on my face. The next day the mother came to school and collected the picnic fee, which she had kept for a long time. So that I can go for a picnic and smile again on my face. That day I realized that a mother wants nothing more than the happiness of her child.

She will even sacrifice every wealth of the world for the happiness of her child, all she needs is love in return for love. She definitely imagines her child to become a big man in life. But she never thinks of giving success to her child for her selfish reasons, but only the happiness of her child remains in her mind.

I feel very sad, thinking of those people who leave their parents helpless in old age. The parents who devoted their whole life to their child, the same parents become a burden for that child in old age. how shameful it is. According to me, there should be no old age home in the world.

Does every mother take care of her child after suffering all the pain and suffering with the hope that this child will grow up and leave me in an old age home? No mother ever expects this from her child. Even the children who leave their mother in old age in the old age ashram, at that time only prayer comes from the heart of the mother for her child.

No matter how much a child does wrong to his mother, but a mother never does wrong to her child. That is why the mother is considered greater than God. Today I felt very happy writing about my mother. Although I have written very little about mother because no one can ever write anything complete about mother.

10 Lines on My Mother

Essay on Mother 10 Line

  1. There would not have been any pain, sorrow and pain in your life if your destiny had been written by your mother.
  2. Mother never loses her patience in bad situation.
  3. Mother is the guide of my life.
  4. As much as a mother’s love is needed in life, perhaps no other person has as much.
  5. Mother is always completely devoted towards her work.
  6. I have a lot of admiration and respect for my mother.
  7. My mother is a very beautiful and kind hearted woman.
  8. The most influential person in my life is my mother.
  9. My mother is very hardworking and loving in nature.
  10. My day often starts with my mother.
  11. I found my mother closest to me in all my bad times.
  12. Mother sacrifices her happiness because of me.
  13. My mother is the manager of my house.
  14. My mother teaches me to be a disciplined, punctual and dependable person.
  15. She is like a tree that keeps our family under the shade of her love.

Whenever you want to write a best essay on mother, feel the true love of your mother by closing your eyes and express the thought which comes in your heart on paper with the help of pen. Then the article which will emerge will completely win the hearts and minds of the people.

So in this way you can prepare a good essay in no time or you can choose any essay from the above given essay according to your need.


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