Essay on Tiger

Essay on Tiger

Essay on Tiger: Tiger is the national animal of India. Today we have shared essay on tiger here. This essay is helpful for the students of all classes.

Essay on Tiger

Essay on Tiger
Essay on Tiger


Tiger which is considered as the national animal of India. According to science, the tiger which is called a cat species animal. The scientific name of tiger is Panthera tigris . The largest animal of the cat species is the tiger. There are different colored stripes on the body of the tiger. Mainly black, white, orange, blue color is seen in this stripes. Tiger teeth are very long and sharp. Tiger which is a predatory animal. A tiger has a strong tail.

tiger behavior

The largest animal of the cat species is the tiger. This animal which is also known as wild animal. Because this animal lives in the forest. All the animals are frightened by the run. Because it is the strongest and fastest running animal. Apart from this, the tiger is also called a ruthless animal. The body of a tiger has the ability to raid from a long distance. The animal on which the tiger catches the eye, that animal becomes the prey of the tiger. The tiger does not leave that animal under any circumstances.

In relation to other animals, the tiger is the fastest running animal. The tiger has the ability to jump up to 10 feet in height. Simultaneously, this animal runs at a speed of 90 to 120 kilometers per hour. The weight of a tiger is around 150 kg. Tiger is a carnivorous animal. It lives in the forest and makes other animals its prey. The tiger is also called the God of the jungle. Because the animal the tiger wants to kill, he can kill that animal.

Compared to the whole world, 50 percent of the tigers in India are found in India. From this you must be able to understand that the number of tigers in India is very high as compared to other countries. Tiger has been declared as a national animal in India for the last several years and tiger conservation has also been done.

As you would know that the tiger which is a carnivorous animal, it is fond of eating life and meat. The tiger makes its own food. A tiger that preys on other animals for its food. This animal sleeps for a long time during the day and goes out in search of prey during the night. Kills wild animals on the strength of his power at night and makes them his food.

tiger life cycle

Talking about the life cycle of both male and female in tiger species, the male tiger which matures after about four to five years after birth and the female tiger which takes 3 to 4 years to mature. The gestation period of a female tiger is 95 days to 112 days.

Once the female tiger breeds, she gives birth to about 1 to 5 children together. Tiger is considered to be the most favorite animal of India and that is why this animal has been declared as the national animal. The tiger symbol is also printed on the Royal Bengal tiger Indian currency and Indian postage stamps.

tiger lifestyle

Tiger likes to hunt new animal in daily food. As prey, the tiger likes to eat chital, wild boar, buffalo, wild deer and when given a chance, humans. The tiger is identified by the stripes of the body. Apart from this, the ability to smell, see and hear is very sharp in this animal.

Tiger animal which he plans before attacking any animal and always attacks from behind. That’s why other animals are afraid of tigers. The tiger captures its prey very easily. The body of a tiger is very heavy. It hunts about 20 prey during the day, of which one to two makes its food. Leaves the rest of the prey as it is. Like humans, it learns to hunt with its mother at a young age.

tiger as national animal 

This animal is very clever, powerful, possesses the ability of fast speed. The tiger was declared the national animal on 18-11-1972. The tiger is considered the king of the jungle. Along with this, pictures of tigers are also depicted on the Indian currency and the pillar of Ashoka. You must have seen pictures of tigers printed on Indian postage stamps too.

Tiger is the most popular animal in India. But tigers were hunted a lot by man in the olden times and due to that the species of tiger came in danger. In 1972, when India was declared the national animal of India. After that, if a person hunts a tiger, then that person is punished. Many species of tiger have become extinct due to hunting.

Other species of tigers

This animal which is found all over the world. At present, a total of 8 species of tiger are available, in which the Indian tiger is recognized as the Royal Bengal Tiger. Tigers are found very rarely in the North Western region of India. All tiger species have become extinct here. Currently tiger conservation is being done in India. So that the species which are in danger in India, those species can be saved.

protection of tigers

Presently there are total 8 species of tiger available, each of their species differs in size and weight of tiger. This means that different species of tigers are different in appearance. Of all the tiger species, the Siberian tiger is the largest.

The continuous hunting of India by man started and the number of tigers decreased day by day. Then the Government of India promoted the conservation of tigers and started a mission named Project Tiger in April 1973. The mission through which tiger hunting was completely banned.

The mission named Project Tiger was started. Through that mission, strict provisions were made for the protection of tigers at 23 places and the benefits were seen in 1993. In comparison to the number of 1973, there was a significant increase in the number of 1993.

history of tiger

The present-day national animal of India, the tiger, used to be in China in the olden days. In a search, traces of these tigers were found in China. The route of the tiger’s arrival in India is currently known as the Silk Road . Tigers used to enter India through this route.

This silk route from China to India through which tigers entered India. It was clear in the discovery of scientists that the parts found in Asia had become extinct in 1980. But another search revealed that it was found back in Russia later.


Essay on Tiger

A lot of efforts have been made by the Government of India to save the tiger. Presently the tiger conservation area is spread over an area of ​​33406 square kilometres. Where human carrying weapons has been completely banned.

Apart from this, if someone goes there with a weapon, then that person will be considered a criminal by the government and fine will also be imposed on that person by the government considering him as a criminal. It is a legal offense to kill parts after the tiger has been declared the national animal of India.


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