Essay on Sports

Essay on Sports

Essay on Sports: Sports have a lot of importance in our life. Playing sports makes us physically and mentally strong. Playing sports also makes us physically strong.

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Essay on Sports

Essay on Sports (250 words) 

Sports play an important role in our life. Playing sports keeps our body physically and mentally safe. It happens that if you play sports daily then your chances of falling ill are very less.

At present, the way Corona is troubling us in the country, we are all taking measures and efforts to avoid it. In such a situation, if we want to be physically fit and clean, then for that we have to play sports. Sports are also necessary to keep the body mentally and physically clean.

It is very good to include sports in physical activities, many diseases of our body are also cured by playing sports. There are many countries in the world which give great importance to sports. Not only this, many types of international programs are also organized to promote sports. Like Olympic etc., in which many players from home and abroad take part. Looking at the sport from the perspective of a professional life, it is very much needed.

Along with our country, there are many such countries in the world, where there are international level players playing many sports. There are many players in their country who take part in different sports and give a message to the people of the country that how important sports are. Sports should be given as much importance in our life as we give to our clean body. Sports are an important part of our life.

Essay on Sports (800 words) 


Sports are a physical activity. We do yoga, due to which our body remains agile. Similarly, we should also play sports so that our body remains agile and we remain clean. Everyone likes sports. I play the game too many times. We play cricket and enjoy sports every evening.

Playing sports removes many problems of our body like whether we are sick or not for a very short time. By playing sports, our body develops mentally and we feel clean. In general, sports is an action, which we can do in the same way as yoga.

physical activity games

Sports are very beneficial for our body. The importance of sports for physical activities in the body is very much. It is said that the first happiness is a healthy body, if the body is to be kept clean then it is necessary to play sports. Playing sports keeps the body fit. To keep the body clean, it is necessary to play sports. There are many benefits of playing sports which are extremely important for us.

benefits of sport

Playing sports has many benefits for the body. We all know about these benefits, but somewhere we do not follow them on ourselves. These advantages are the following:

  • We get physical energy in the body by playing sports. The more we run, the more we gain. By running more and playing sports, we also feel hungry, due to which there is no shortage of food in our body and our body remains healthy.
  • The more we play sports, the more sweat flows from our body and due to the same sweat, we feel more thirsty. The more thirsty we feel, the more water we drink, due to this there is no shortage of water in our body.
  • By doing physical activity, our body remains clean. Whatever we do for our body or take medical facilities, they all are pale in front of the game. Playing sports leads to physical and mental activity of the body.
  • The more sports we play, the more agile our bodies become. By doing physical activity or playing sports, we get a lot of benefits and we are able to remain mentally happy in our life.
  • We run while playing and this strengthens the muscles of our body. It gives us moments of peace. Playing sports accelerates the physical activities of our body.

Play the game that’s right for us

At present, cricket, wrestling, football etc. have become synonymous with sports. If we play a game, we get some advantage. But we should think about playing those games first which is more beneficial for us. Often we play those games first which give us half benefits but we shy away from playing those games which give us physical comfort.

Cricket game is liked by most of the people and people also play this game. But we should think about playing those sports which we think is right like sports like wrestling, racing etc. By playing these games, we get to learn a lot new and give us physical strength. By playing sports, we get sick less and we definitely get physical benefits.


Sports are the most important thing for us. Playing sports makes our body feel well. Playing sports is very important for us.


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