Essay on Parrot

Essay on Parrot

Essay on Parrot: Parrot is liked by all people. Parrot is a pet bird. In the examination, students are mostly asked my favorite bird parrot essay or Paragraph on Parrot. Here we have shared the essay on parrot. This Hindi essay will be helpful for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and higher education students. In this essay, sharing complete information about parrot (Parrot Information), essays have been shared in different word limits, which will prove to be useful for the students.

In this article, we have provided you information about parrot in very simple language, which will prove to be very helpful in writing parrot essay or parrot essay. So let’s know about the essay on Tote.

Essay on Parrot

Five sentences on parrot – 1 | Few Lines on Parrot

  1. Parrot is a very beautiful green colored bird.
  2. Parrots are pet birds, many people like to keep it in their homes.
  3. Its plumage is green and it has a curved red beak.
  4. The male parrot has a black ring on its neck.
  5. Parrot eats grains, fruits, vegetables and boiled rice.

Five sentences on parrot – 2 | Few Lines on Parrot

  1. Parrot is a clever bird, which is adept at imitating people .
  2. It is found in almost all the warm countries of the world, but most of the parrots are found in Australia .
  3. One of their main characteristics is that they can remember noises and sounds .
  4. Parrots belong to a range of over 400 species .
  5. The parrot can live from 15 to 80 years.

five sentences on parrot -3 | Few Lines on Parrot

  1. Parrot is a medium sized bird.
  2. Parrots in India are usually green in colour, but in other countries, parrots are also found in other different colors like white, blue, sky, yellow, red etc.
  3. The parrot usually prefers to live in a flock and when it goes in search of food, it goes with its flock of 10 to 15 parrots.
  4. Parrot eyes are black and shiny and have a brown ring around their eyes.
  5. A female parrot lays 10 to 15 eggs in a year.

Essay on Parrot (150 words)

Parrot is a vegetarian bird and it likes to eat more vegetables and fruits in its diet. Parrots like to live in herds, that is why whenever parrots go in search of their food, they go in the herd. The parrot can fly more than 1000 kilometers in search of its food.

Parrot bird is very intelligent and intelligent. If a parrot is kept among humans for a month, then it starts imitating humans and starts speaking some words like humans. Parrot learns any language easily and its voice can be heard for a kilometer. Most people in India keep the parrot in a cage and keep it in the house and it is taught words like Ram Ram. This word parrot uses to welcome the guests to the house.

Essay on Parrot (200 words)

Its nest is called “Kotar”. It is made by cutting the trunk of the parrot tree into a round shape. Many species of parrots have been discovered in the world. Its number is more than 350. Parrot is found everywhere in villages, cities, fields and forests.

It is very difficult to differentiate between male and female in parrots. If there is a difference between a male and a female in a parrot, then it can be detected only by doing a blood test. The parrot mostly lives on neem, jamun and guava trees.
The parrot is mainly found in Australia and New Zealand. In these countries it is of variegated color. Due to its beauty, it is caught from here and sent to other countries. The scientific name of parrot is “Psittaciformes” and it is called “Parrot” in English.

The weight of a parrot can range from 500 grams to 1 kg. But there are some parrots whose weight is equal to the weight of cats. No matter what color a parrot female is, she lays eggs only in white color. A female parrot lays 10 to 15 eggs in a year. Babies are born 28 days after laying eggs.

Essay on Parrot (250 words)

Parrot is a very beautiful bird in appearance, due to which many people like to keep it in their home and it is affectionately called Mittu. The parrot is neither too big nor too small, it is a medium sized bird. This bird is found in hotter regions. There are many types of color of parrots, in which the main ones are variegated, white, blue and yellow. But green colored parrots are found more in India.

The length of a parrot is usually 10 to 12 inches and it has a black ring around its neck, which is called parrot. Its head is smaller than its body and its eyes are black in color and eyes are bright. Along with this, there is a brown ring around the parrot’s eyes, which enhances the beauty of the parrot even more.

The claws of the parrot are very small, which are also very sharp, due to which the parrot can easily eat its food easily by holding it in its paws. The size of its wings is also small, despite this, parrots can fly easily. The upper part of its beak is bent, which is not in other birds. The color of its beak is red.

Essay on Parrot (600 words)


There are many types of animals living on the earth, all of which have different characteristics. Due to these characteristics, they are also identified, in which parrot is also a type of bird. The parrot is beautiful and attractive in appearance, due to this, the parrot is different from the rest of the birds. Parrot is found in almost all countries of the world and is found in different colors all over the place. Most of these colors are green. Apart from green, it is also found in red, yellow, blue, etc.

It is one of the intelligent and intelligent birds. If the parrot is more in contact with people, then it learns to imitate them. Along with this, he also learns to speak. Many languages ​​can also be taught by training a parrot.

body structure of parrot

Parrot differs from all birds because of its beak, its beak is unique. In India, parrots are found more in green color. The color of the parrot’s beak is red and the whole body is green. Its eyes are shiny black. It has brown rings around its eyes which makes the parrot stand out. The upper part of the parrot’s beak is bent. The neck of a parrot also has a ring, whose color is black, which is called parrot’s throat.

The paw of a parrot is very strong and short. The sound of a parrot is full of hoarse which we can hear even from a distance of 1 kilometer. The parrot can be up to a kilo in weight and its length can be up to 12 inches. It has small wings, with the help of which the parrot can fly up to 1000 kilometers in a day. A parrot lives for 10 to 15 years.

parrot species

The most species of parrot is found on earth. More than 350 species of parrots have been discovered on Earth. Of these, blue and gold macaw, sun conure, cilac-crowned amazon, eclectus, scarlet macaw etc. are the main ones. The parrot of the Pygmy Parrot species is the smallest parrot, whose length is the same as our finger.

There are some species of parrot, whose weight is as much as the weight of a cat, due to which they cannot fly. Parrots of Kakapo species also come in these heavy parrots.

parrot food

Parrot is also one of the herbivorous birds. It takes flowers, leaves, seeds, vegetables and grains in its food. Parrot likes mango and guava the most among fruits. Parrots go out to find their food in the flock.

parrot habitat

It is such a bird, which people like to keep in their homes. People keep parrots in cages in their homes. In the forests, the parrot makes its home by making holes in the trunks of trees, which we call kotor, the parrot prefers to live on the trees of neem, jamun, guava etc.

Parrot prefers to live in warm places. Parrot is found in every country of the world. But most commonly found in Australia and New Zealand. Parrots are also exported from Australia and New Zealand countries to other countries.

characteristic of parrot

Male and female parrots cannot be differentiated easily, their blood test is done to differentiate between them. Only after this it can be ascertained whether the parrot is male or female. A female parrot lays eggs in 25 to 29 days. Parrot lays 10 to 15 eggs in a year.


Parrot is a beautiful and adorable bird, which is found in every corner of the world. Parrot is such a bird that we can also learn to speak.

interesting facts about parrots

  1. Parrot is the only bird that eats food by holding it in its feet.
  2. Parrots are also prone to obesity like humans.
  3. The life span of a parrot ranges from 15 years to 20 years.
  4. It is illegal to keep a parrot at home in India.
  5. The speed with which the tiger can run, the same speed the parrot can fly.
  6. Parrots give names to their babies and those names are for life.
  7. The parrot’s beak continues to grow.
  8. The world’s largest parrot Macaw is about 10cm long.
  9. Pygmy is the smallest parrot in the world, which is the size of our finger.
  10. Male and female parrots are similar in appearance.
  11. The weight of a parrot named Kakapo is so much that it is not able to fly properly, so wild animals are easily hunted by it. This species is on the verge of extinction.


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