Essay on Hockey

Essay on Hockey

Essay on Hockey: Many sports are played in our country, one of those sports is hockey. Hockey is our national sport. India has also won the World Cup in the hockey game.

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Essay on Hockey

Essay on Hockey (250 words) 

Hockey is the national sport of our country. Many sports of the country and the world are played and the game of hockey is hidden in the brightness of those games. Very little is known about the hockey game in our country. They also include those youths who hold back from playing hockey, which is the reason why the national game of the country is being less liked today.

The brightness of cricket in the country has reduced the brightness of these sports. Hockey is the national sport of our country, although this game is played in many other countries of the world. If we look at the art of playing the game of hockey, then this game is played very fast. Hockey game is played between two teams.

The players of both the teams have the same goal to score points in the stipulated time and hit the ball into the net with the hockey stick. Our country has won the 1928 World Cup in this hockey. It is also said that the period between 1928 to 1956 has been the golden age for hockey.

The players of the country who play the game of hockey have done many feats in this game so far. The country has won many medals in sports. The game of hockey has many domestic competitions in the country. The players who play this game are often young people who play this game.

Essay on Hockey (800 words) 


Hockey is a type of sport, which is the national game of our country, hockey may be the national sport of our country, but this game is played in all countries, hockey game is played by two teams.

Hockey is the fastest game played, in which players of one team hit the ball with a hockey stick in the court of the opposite team and the team of the other team stops it. There are 11 players in 1 team playing hockey game and there are 11 players in the front team also, who try to play this game with speed.

The team that scores points the fastest wins. To play the game of hockey, it is necessary to have a hockey stick. The hockey ball is rubbed with a hockey stick and carried to the court or net.

Hockey is our national sport

Hockey is our national sport. Not only this, this game is also played in many countries. India has also become a world champion in hockey once. In the Hockey World Cup, our country has become the world champion in 1928. Not only this, our country has also won 6 gold medals in hockey, which is a matter of great pride for us.

The year 1928 to the year 1956 has been the golden period of hockey for our country. Between these years, the players of the country have done many feats in this game. It is believed that in the midst of these years, the players of our country have given the game of hockey and the team of India a recognition in the world.

Favorites in other countries too

Hockey is the national sport of our country and we take pride in it. But do you know that the game of hockey is played in many other countries. Hockey is also played in countries like Holland, Germany, England, Australia, Pakistan etc. All these teams and all the teams of the world participate in the Olympics as well.

India also participates in all these teams and always makes our country proud. But the sad part is that this game is disappearing somewhere under the feet of cricket and football. It should be our first duty to save and preserve this game. We must save it.

At present, the games of hockey are rarely seen instead of cricket and football. Both these sports make people so attractive that people are now forgetting a game like hockey and withdrawing from it.

Brief information about hockey game

To play the hockey game, there are 11 players in a team and 11 players in the front team. All these players take the ball from hockey to the goal point, where they have to score. In this team there is a goalkeeper who prevents the goal of the opposing team from scoring.

As soon as an opposing team scores a goal, their players try to stop the goal and throw the ball back to the field, the team that scores the most goals wins.

many countries play hockey

Even though hockey is our national sport, yet hockey is played in many other countries. Hockey is also liked in our neighboring countries Pakistan and Afghanistan. The popularity of hockey game is also increasing a lot.

Hockey is also played in our country at the national level. There are many provincial hockey teams in our country, which play at the national level. In our country Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka etc and teams from all the states play this match. This game is also included in the list of many famous sports of the world.


Hockey is our national sport. Hockey game itself is very much liked in India. There are many state teams of hockey game in the country, which participate to play this game. Our country has also been the world champion of hockey. We are proud of our hockey team and our national sport.


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