Essay on Cricket

Essay on Cricket

Essay on Cricket: Cricket is one of the most famous sports game in the world today, which is liked to play from 5 year old child to 50 year old. This game not only entertains but also helps in staying healthy. Every child of India is familiar with cricket. This is a game which is liked all over the world. Children are seen with balls and bats in their hands on every streets and small grounds of India.

From childhood, the children here start to play cricket. However, some children choose this hobby as their career and also get success in it. Although the national sport of India is hockey, but cricket enjoys more popularity than hockey.

You can guess this from the fact that when a cricket match is held in India, there is a lot of crowd in the stadium during this game as compared to other sports. Even the stadium gets full. Although this game enjoys a lot of popularity in India but cricket is not the game of India.

It first started in England. This game was started in India by the British and since then the youth of India have also become fond of this game. Today cricket is played at international level.

This essay on cricket will be helpful for the students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and higher education. Cricket is anyone’s favorite sport then they can also use it as my favorite sports essay. So without wasting much of your time, let’s know about essay on cricket.

Essay on Cricket

Essay on Cricket in 100 Words

Cricket is one of the most famous outdoor sports played across the world at national and international level. There are usually two teams in this game, each team consisting of 11 players or cricket players. To win in cricket, the team has to get maximum score, for this purpose teams play matches. 

At the end of the game the team that gets the highest score in the match. That is the winner. The game has an action center called the pitch. around which the game is played. 

Cricket is often played in large and wide venues. Whose size is mostly 68-58 meters and the small circle of the main playground is around 2.64 meters.

Essay on Cricket in 150 Words

Cricket is an outdoor sport which almost all children like to play and they dream of becoming big cricketers like Virat and Sachin at an early age. This game is played in a large and open field using bat and ball.

It is played between two teams in which 11 players are included in each team.

The batsman uses the bat while batting and tries to score runs in the innings. Whereas a member of the opposite team, called a bowler. Throws a ball towards a member of the other team, called the batsman. The bowler tries to hit the ball away from the bat to take a wicket. So that the ball can hit the wicket.

A batsman continues his batting until he is thrown out of the game for some fault of his own or for being dismissed by the bowler.

Whichever team starts to bat, they continue to bat until ten batsmen have been dismissed.

Essay on Cricket in 200 Words

Cricket is a professional outdoor sport played by people from many countries, especially at the national and international level. This outdoor game consists of two teams of 11 players each.

A game of cricket is played until each team completes 50 overs. All the laws, rules and regulations of cricket are taken care of and maintained by the International Cricket Council and the Marylebone Cricket Club.

Cricket is played for Test matches and One Day International and T20. Cricket was played in southern England during the 16th century. Cricket was then accepted as the national sport of England during the 18th century.

During the expansion of the British Empire, it was started being played abroad as well. The first international match in the 19th century was organized by the ICC (a governing body), consisting of two teams with 10 member teams. Cricket is the most popular and famous sport game played and watched with great fervor in countries like West Indies, England, South Africa, Australia, Indian subcontinent and many more.

Young children in India are very fond of playing cricket and usually they will easily find you playing cricket in small open spaces. People in India also play cricket in the streets and parks.

If this game is played and practiced daily then it becomes very simple and easy to play. That’s why cricketers practice this game every day so that they can improve their flow by removing small mistakes and keep their grip in the match.

Essay on Cricket , 400 Words

Essay on Cricket
Essay on Cricket


Cricket is the most popular and well-known game in the world, which everyone likes to play, there are two teams in this game and there are 11 members in each team. It is believed that when the British came to India to do business, cricket also came to India with them.

cricket illustration

Initially this game was played by making balls of wool balls. Cricket was played on large patches of flat and clear land. Generally, it is now played on a ground called a pitch. This pitch consists of stumps between 22 yards, 3 stumps on each side. 

There are two bails at the top of these stumps and one or two umpires on each set of stumps. Cricket is played between two teams of eleven players each. Before starting the game the captains of both the teams approach the umpire for the toss.

The winner of the toss gets a chance to bat first. Six players usually stand to the right of the batsman at long runs, called cover point, short slip, long slip, square mid on, long on, and back man.

The player behind the wicket is called the “wicket keeper” . A bowler is no less than a divine man, the captain of the batting team sends his two openers to bat.

The bowler starts bowling if his ball hits the batsman and the wicket is hit or if the batsman hits the ball and the ball is caught by a player. He is considered out if he is impulsive before the wicket or if he leaves the crease or if the fielder leaves the wicket. After which the other batsmen come to play.

But if the batsman hits the ball and runs between the wickets, he multiplies his number of runs. The scorer notes these runs and shows them on the score board. The team with the most runs at the end of the match is called the winner.

History of Cricket 

The first game of cricket was started in France in 1478. At that time the ball was struck with a thin iron or a metal rod. After this, cricket was played at Guildford School in 1850. Then by 1926 cricket spread to other countries. The first international cricket match was held between the United States and Canada in 1844.

Especially after doing Maharaja Ranjit Singh loved cricket very much. Due to which the Ranji cricket tournament started in India in 1927 and the Indian team went to England in 1928. The first Cricket World Cup was held in England in 1975 .

rules of cricket 

Cricket is very easy and fun game. Which is played with the help of bat and ball. It is played on a pitch 22 yards long.

It is played during 2 teams. There are 11 players in each group i.e. every team. The wicket is made with the help of 3 wooden stumps. The bowler throws the ball towards the batsman and tries to take the wicket. On the other hand, the batsman hits the ball with the bat so that he can increase the number of his runs.

Special care is taken that while bowling, the bowler’s foot should be in the middle of the crease and the bowler’s front foot should be above the popping crease. If the bowler tries to break this rule, that ball is declared a “no ball” and an extra run is awarded to the batsman.

The batsman wears pads, gloves and a helmet during the match to protect himself from sudden injury and the ball.

A toss is made between the captains before the start of the game. The captain who wins the toss decides whether to bowl or bat. The bowling team positions its players on the field. So that he can field and catch the ball and get the bowler out as soon as possible. The game of cricket is played in overs. 6 balls are bowled in each over.

When 10 out of 11 batsmen of a team get out, then that team is said to be all out. Now a batsman can be out in many ways like- Time out, Run out, Catch out, Before wicket, Hit wicket, Leg and Bold stump. In the end the team that manages to score the most runs is declared the winner.

essay on cricket in 1000 words


Cricket is such a game, which is known to every person and every child is fond of playing this game. Everyone knows about the rules of cricket. Cricket is a popular sport played at international level. Cricket is very popular not only in India but also in other countries.

Ask anyone about his favorite sport, most of the people like cricket. Talk about the history of cricket, the game of cricket started in South England in the 16th century. By the eighth century, the game had developed into the national sport of England.

Cricket takes place between two teams, consisting of 11-11 players. In this way there are total 22 players in cricket. One team bats and the other team bowls. Who will bat first at the start of the match is decided by tossing a coin.

Cricket is played on an oval-shaped ground, where a pitch of 22 yards length is made and the batsmen and bowlers stand on the same pitch. There is a small grass on the cricket ground and before the start of the match that ground is cleared so that any player does not get hurt if they fall. However, players wear safety kits for their safety.

There are also two umpires, who stand on both sides of the pitch, to look into the mistakes made during the match and to pronounce the decision of the match accordingly. The most important material for playing a cricket match is the ball and the bat. The ball and the bat are the hallmarks of a cricket match. Apart from this, means like helmet, hand guard, globs, shoes, legguard are used for protection during cricket match. In addition to all this, a stump is also required.

Players position on the ground

In the match ground, only two players are on the ground on behalf of the batsman’s team. Whereas the entire player of the batting team stands on the ground. One player from the batting team plays the role of the keeper, who stands behind the stumps placed on the pitch. At the same time a player does the work of throwing the ball. The other players of the batting team stand around the ground and do the work of fielding.

how cricket is played

Before playing cricket, players have to follow the rules of cricket and have to accept whatever decision is given by the umpire. The batsman comes running and he throws the ball. If the ball hits the stumps directly or is caught by the keeper, a wicket is counted for the batsman’s team.

A six is ​​counted if the ball bowled by the bowler bounces off the ground while hitting the batsman’s bat. If the ball touches the ground after hitting the batsman and goes outside the boundary, then it is counted as a four. A four means 4 runs, it is counted as 4 runs. The team that scores the most runs by the end of the match is declared the winner.

How does a player get out

Players are counted out in many situations. If the ball bowled by the batsman is caught by the keeper or hits the stumps, the batsman is considered out. Apart from this, if the batsman hits the ball with his bat while hitting the ball, then only then it is considered out.

Apart from this, if the fielders standing around the ground directly catch the ball hit by the batsman, then the batsman is considered out. Apart from all this, there are many rules too.

Some important words related to cricket


In any cricket match, the number of overs is fixed and after the completion of the over, the match is over. During that number of overs, the team has to score more runs than its competing team. There are six balls in an over and a player can score a maximum of 6 runs on one ball. If all the players of the batsman are out before the specified over, then further bowling is of no use.


Batsman is the player who stands on the pitch holding the bat, who hits the ball thrown by the bowler. During the match, two batsmen enter the ground at once, who strike each other and try to score as many runs as possible, while protecting their wickets. When a batsman is out, he leaves the field.


The bowler does the work of throwing the ball.


The keeper is called the player who stands behind this stump. It tries to catch the ball thrown by the bowler before hitting it with the batsman’s bat so that the batsman can be dismissed. The keeper is the player of the bowler’s team.


The bowler has only two players on the pitch during the match. The first keeper who stands behind the stumps, who serves to catch the ball. The other is the bowler himself who does the work of throwing the ball. The rest of the bowler’s players act as fielders, standing around the ground. The main function of the fielder is to catch the ball bowled by the batsman and get it out.


The job of the umpire in a cricket match is to deliver the verdict. It is not a player of any team, but it is a separate one, who stands near the pitch, pays attention to the movements of the players and makes decisions. There are often two umpires in a match, one from the batsman’s side and the other from the bowler’s side.

An umpire observes the movements of the batsman. The other umpire pays attention to the bowler’s movements. Apart from these two, the camera is considered like the third umpire, who pays attention to the entire activities and in the end, in case of any confusion, the help of that umpire is taken.


In the cricket ground, there are three sticks on the pitch, which are called stumps. The batsman stands at a certain distance from this stump, from where he acts to bounce the ball. If the batsman touches the stump with his bat, he is considered out. That is why the batsman has to play very carefully so that his bat does not touch the stump.


The shape of a peach is rectangular. In the middle of the oval field, a rectangle of length about 22 yards is made and the batsman stands on this rectangle and bats.


Sports are very important for mental and physical health. Although the people of India have been playing many types of games since time immemorial. But in modern times cricket rules the hearts of everyone. Today every kid wants to be a cricketer.

Whenever there is an international cricket match between two countries, then every citizen of the country keeps his eyes on the match. Cricket also develops a nationalistic feeling among the people. When a player plays in the playground, he does not play for himself but for his country. He makes his country proud by winning the match.


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