Essay on Badminton

Essay on Badminton: A game that is played by raising the ball or with a badminton racquet, then we will call that game badminton. This game is played at international level.

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Essay on Badminton

Essay on Badminton (250 words) 

It is played like a normal game. It is a game which is played between two players. No big field is required to play this game. If there is a garden ground to play this game, then you can walk. There are many players present for this game, which remain in great discussion. 

I still remember those winter days in school when we used to start our day with two shuttles and a cock. When we start playing this game, we neither see day nor night, we used to play this game all day.

At present also we live in such a world, whenever we see someone else playing, we also play. Playing this game requires agility which is essential. The racquets we use to play badminton are usually quite light and can be carried around easily.

Along with this, to play this game, there is a shatalkok i.e. birds, which are like petals. Both these items are quite essential to play this game. This bird is made of light plastic petals and it is also very light. Playing the game of badminton requires a net along these two, which are tied between the fields of the two players. This game is completed with these three things.

Essay on Badminton (600 words) 


Badminton One such game which we call in common language, it is actually known as badminton. To play this game 2 players are required who stay at each other end. Both these players hit the bird i.e. Shatarkok with the bat i.e. racquet and throw the bird in each other’s court.

This is a simple game, which does not have any special rules, but there are some rules, which we often do not know. If a player throws a bird from the other’s court and the player in front throws it back then it is okay otherwise he gets one point less, the player who gets more points wins.

Match is played between 2 players

This is a game that is played between 2 players and not between two teams. To play this game 2 players play against each other and think to go ahead of each other and score more points. A special type of ground is not required to play this match, but this game can be played easily in the garden ground as well.

In common language, we call it bird bat, whereas in reality the name of this game is badminton. This game has international fame and this game is played at international level. There are many good things about this game.

my memories of playing badminton

This is the time when we used to study in school. We play this game all day whenever we come back from school or on the day the school is off. At this time the shuttle and a cock can’t even get out of our hands. We used to play this game all day. We have a small garden near our house, in which we play and take our socks every morning.

To play the game of badminton, we need a shuttlecock and a shuttle, which we call chidi bat. With the help of these bird bats, we complete our game. In this, we hit the bird with the bat i.e. shuttlecock and throw it in the front’s court.

In this game, the player who saves the ball from falling down more often, he wins. The player whose ball falls on the ground and that player is unable to stop him, then he loses the game.

rules of badminton

There are some rules to play this game of national and international fame. According to these rules, this game is played. Like any other game, this game also has rules, such as:

  • This game is played between 1-1 players or 2-2 players. These are at either end of the player’s field. There is a net between these players.
  • There are total 21 points in this game. The game goes well when a player hits the other player and the player in front hits the bird back. If a player misses hitting the ball and the ball falls down, the player in front gets a point. The player who has the most points wins.
  • There is a net between these players, if a player hits the ball and that force is applied to the net, then in that case that point gets to the player in front.
  • The rules for playing this game are simple. If someone follows them then they can play this game easily.

This game of national and international fame is played between 1-1 or 2-2 players. To play this game, shuttlecock and shuttle i.e. bird requires a bat. This is a simple game, in which everyone can take part and play this game.